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Whether you’re moving out of a small office or a large one in Miami Dade, there are steps you need to take in order to ensure your office moving is as efficient and quick as possible. Local office movers and business movers or corporate movers, are some terms that are used when referring to professional moving companies that move businesses.

Moving An Office

Nonetheless, if you’re organized and you follow the right steps, moving should be nothing more than a breeze. That is why a good furniture mover in Miami Dade can make the job look so easy.

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The success of your office move depends on two factors: your preparedness and the partnership your office makes with a professional office mover. Regardless of size, relocating an office is a lot more complicated than moving a residence. Detailed preparation is essential, so making an office moving checklist will ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible. A checklist keeps you on task, helps you decide what tasks can be assigned to other staff members, and helps you communicate more effectively with your office mover.

First Things First

Before you start making your office moving checklist you need to determine the time frame of the relocation process. Putting together a detailed schedule is important to establish how much pre-planning time you’ll have, the expected duration of the move itself, and the time you will need to get reassembled and organized after the move. Be realistic with your time frame as you assess the amount of physical property, equipment, furniture, inventory, and people that will need to be moved. A professional office mover with experience relocating offices like yours can help perform this assessment to ensure you plan properly.

Notify Your Customers

Most customers understand that moving is sometimes a part of doing business, but it’s important that you give them plenty of warning about any anticipated downtime. Add notifying customers to your office moving checklist so you can remember to let them know there may be lapses in communication during the main moving days.

Determine Placement

Another important part of your office moving checklist is determining the placement of your furniture and equipment in the new office space. Share a copy of the floor plan with your office movers and make sure they are clear about the specific location for everything. The last thing you want to do is have to move large, heavy items twice. An approved furniture orientation plan should be completed and distributed to all applicable staff and departments a few weeks before the move. Determine the placement for desks, computers, printers, and network adapters, and check with utility companies to see if you need any special installation completed before the move.

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Moving IT Equipment As Part of Your Office Move

Relocating or moving your office can be a very large and intricate move for any company. Offices not only have very expensive fragile items such as computers, printers, phones, fax machine, and copiers, but they also contain a lot of large bulk items that can be troublesome to move if you are not a professional mover. Moving a large office is very different from moving a home. There are much more things to consider during the move and before the move that you should be aware of. Hiring a company that plans everything in great detail before the move even occurs will end up saving you time and money, and it will protect your office furniture and electronics.

The most important thing to consider is time. Because you are moving an office, you will need to put some of your work on hold until certain areas of the office are moved. Making sure you have a swift moving process that is well organized is key so that you have the least amount of down time during the move itself. This is especially true if the move is across the country. A professional company who specializes in moving offices and corporate companies will make up timelines before the move ever begins to show you how long certain stages of the move will take, so you can plan out the downtime that will occur.

Moving an Office

Any relocation is difficult whether it be a short-distance move or a big move. There are organisational factors to consider initially and in a larger office, it can be difficult to keep a tight rein on all items of inventory.

Office Relocation Movers

A professional service not only saves you the hassle of worrying about the safe transport of your office items, it also eliminates the risk of people sustaining injury. Office movers in Miami Dade  work around the office schedule to ensure that they don’t interrupt work productivity and that the process runs as smoothly as possible. The result? An easy, hassle-free move that benefits all employees with the minimum amount of stress.

Here are a few reasons why office movers are the best possible choice for your next office move:

  • They have the know-how, equipment, supplies, and advice to make your move go as smoothly as possible. They know how to maneuver those trickier bulky items and keep delicate, more fragile items safe from breakage. Would you really rather move items like fridges and computers yourself or leave them to a professional mover?
  • They have flexible work hours. Office movers specialize in working their services around your work hours. You get the benefits of professional moving and flexibility in one service.
  • Many business moving companies offer packing as an optional extra. Rather than packing everything up yourself, you can leave the entire process to a professional company. That means no bothersome packing for your employees, they can simply carry on as per usual. You can recruit office movers for packing and moving services all in one easy transaction!
  • You get affordability, prompt service, and a safe delivery guarantee all rolled into one service. To encourage customer loyalty, many companies invest in a guarantee that ensures clients’ belongings are delivered in total safety. If an item is damaged during the moving process, they have a system in place to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Moving into a new office is an exciting time, and shouldn’t be ruined by worrying about transporting items. Let professional office movers sweat the small stuff for you, so you can enjoy a stress-free, fast move.